I have an intuition that there’s no formula for falling in love with someone over the internet

I have an intuition that there’s no formula for falling in love with someone over the internet

Says me, coming up on 27 years of marriage 😛 and yes, it hasn’t always been «rosy», but we still stick together

Maybe there are women out there who still believe in love and never realized that it could happen to them, or become shocked when they realize that it is happening to them. Now. with me. in my experience, it’s a pretty rare thing when you begin to instantaneously feel an incredible connection with someone online. like you’ve known this person forever, as if somehow you were meant to know this person. It requires a huge leap of faith as you find yourself creating an opening for this person to come deep inside your life. You might picture a time in the future, say years from now, still feeling that amazing connection with this person and looking back on this chance encounter as the start of it.Wouldn’t that be amazing to experience?

However online is just so limited. it would be much better to meet this person in real life in the first place. How can you tell what they are really like over the internet? The fact that meeting someone online is so rare is not coincidence IMHO

Personally, I met a lovely lady online and we dated for three and an half years, she had a fairly normal profile, no real demands that I remember

Ultimately though, if you don’t like the impression you get from their profile, don’t approach them. I do seriously question the 90% claim by the way.

Biggest thing, have more of an opening than «Hey how are you doing», it’s tired and you won’t stand out of the crowd, put some effort into something interesting as an opener, you’re more likely to strike up a conversation that way.

Also is it just me or has the quality of females on these dating sites dropped right off in recent years

Online or not, matching of standards (and values) can be difficult.Some people are materialistic (look at finances etc), and some list looks/body size/height. Leer más